Friday 29 April 2011

The Big Cheese Poutinerie

Take a stroll down 17th Avenue, if you are looking for a quick bite and happen to pass by the The Big Cheese Poutinerie it would be worth your while to check in .  Just located a few doors down from the Melrose Cafe, it's hard to pass by without noticing the mouth watering aroma and the big plaid awning flaring off the building.

It was slightly crowded with a small line up which is a good indication that I had arrived at the right place.  I had been hearing mixed reviews and had to try it for myself.  We ordered two small sized poutine's, the portions were perfect for the two of us to share.  There was good flavor in both, I enjoyed the "Notorious P.I.G." over the "Veggie Nacho".  I found the two to be a great combination, we decided it was best to go with one that was heavy and the other... slightly heavier.  Nice setting, good flavors, but eat it fast or be prepared to grab a spoon for some potato soup in a box.

It's a nice venue to check out and open late on weekends.  I would recommend trying it out, but I wouldn't say it fully satisfies my craving for a good traditional Montreal poutine.  It's definitely great to see a new fast food restaurant that is unique and non franchised.  Not that I have anything against franchises, it's just nice to have some variety and competition.  It keeps vendors on their toes, which means higher food quality at reasonable prices.
Street View - The google street view was taken prior to the opening of The Big Cheese Poutinerie

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