Sunday 25 November 2012

Anju Restaurant & Eecha Lounge

This trendy establishment has earned a title for itself in the short time it has been opened. The venue is found between two busy streets in a older style building.  The set up inside was slightly awkward but worked well with the ambiance they were trying to project.  They specialize in transforming traditional Korean ingredients into familiar yet unique modern flavours.

There is so much selection on the menu, I have been here several times, each visit seems to get better and better.  The plating of each dish is precise in detail.

I highly recommend the savoury Truffled Yam fries with gochugaru aioli dipping sauce. The texture of the sauce resembled that of mayo with a tint of garlic and Gochugaru which is Korean red chili pepper powder that gives the dish it's unique spiciness.  The lettuce wrap Broek Acres pork belly is another dish I look forward to spoiling myself again.  If you love bacon, this is a definite dish you must try.  Broek Pork Acres is local farm in Alberta known to raise pastured hogs producing superior quality cuts of pork.  Anju prepares this succulent pork dish along side with fresh butter lettuce, basil and and sesame oil mixture that completes this dish. I've never been disappointed

Give this place a try you won't regret it!

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